Thursday, April 28, 2011

Table Decor

 The first two images are more of a color inspiration, but I also love the idea of decorating with oranges.  Having a few flowers nearby, and I also love the cake plate as decor.  This might be good either as a table centerpiece, or on one of the serving tables.

I like the varied colors, heights and visual interest of the somewhat random placement of table decorations here.

 LOVE this outdoor space.... I'd like to have cocktail tables on the deck and possibly inside the lodge, too?  But how awesome would it be to bring in couches &/or benches?!
 Again, bringing in benches for the outdoor ceremony.  Possible?  I think so!
 Another view with the simplicity of smaller table decorations.  It still looks very nice, cozy and understated.
 These images are great, showing a lot of different, little items combining to create a statement for the centerpieces.  I like that the idea of having the flowers/branches inside the cylinders mirrors my ideas of having glass containers on the food serving tables - candy, dessert, salad bar, spud bar...
The brightly wrapped cylinders are nice, too, really adding to the colorful & bright look of these centerpiece items.

Again, I apologize for using images that I didn't save the web addresses for.  I may have to take down these posts soon.

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