Thursday, April 28, 2011

Color Inspiration

 Aqua & Orange... again, I love the idea of decorating with oranges, rather than pumpkins, which for an October wedding would seem to theme-y to me.
 These invitations (center) are where I finally decided that I could do my idea of varying oranges & blues & it would work.
 Again, the varying blue & orange top upper right.
 I love the bright/bold colors of the background on the lower pic!
BEAUTIFUL!  Varying Blues

 Orange Dessert Table
I really like the guy's attire here.

Room Decor

 I love the look of the lanterns in the trees.  I'd like to see some of these above the 'alter' or ceremony sight.
 Again, poms or lanterns above the tables.
 The hanging mason jar here is lovely, and could be used to guide people.
 The mason jars from the ceiling are cool.
 Lights & lanterns in the trees!
 I LOVE the way this looks with the lights, lanters and poms of all different shapes & sizes.
 This is pretty.
 A little too uniform for me, but an idea for hanging the poms.
 I love the two types of hanging objects in the lower left picture here!
 I like the tumbleweed chandelier... mostly in that it's something different and unexpected.
So much color from the vintage umbrellas!

Candy / Dessert Tables

 Though it's somewhat difficult to see in the center picture above, I really like the candy table look, especially the casual look to the banner and the sentiment, "LOVE IS SWEET"
 This one is almost too 'streamlined', or everything looks a little too similar for my taste, I'd like varying heights, sizes, colors, textures, etc.  But I do like the jars & signs.
 The candy table at the bottom has more of the variation that I'd like to see.
 Chips & Dip bar is a cute idea, and I love the set up here making it easy to dish out as well as the added interest of other objects/decorations on the table as well.
 I want to jump through the screen and eat here. Love the dome in the background!
 I love the 'wild' look to this one, with the branches, flowers and edibles intermixed throughout the whole table.  I also like the idea to have the lime-water on the dessert table so someone could serve oneself instead of having to go up to the bar. 
 Love the branches, but they might overwhelm the table.
 I adore the look of this table with the focus above.  Though we could probably achieve this with branches also, it would be cool to do this with lanterns.. and what about oranges hanging from the ceiling?!
Smores table.  Love the setup!

Table Decor

 The first two images are more of a color inspiration, but I also love the idea of decorating with oranges.  Having a few flowers nearby, and I also love the cake plate as decor.  This might be good either as a table centerpiece, or on one of the serving tables.

I like the varied colors, heights and visual interest of the somewhat random placement of table decorations here.

 LOVE this outdoor space.... I'd like to have cocktail tables on the deck and possibly inside the lodge, too?  But how awesome would it be to bring in couches &/or benches?!
 Again, bringing in benches for the outdoor ceremony.  Possible?  I think so!
 Another view with the simplicity of smaller table decorations.  It still looks very nice, cozy and understated.
 These images are great, showing a lot of different, little items combining to create a statement for the centerpieces.  I like that the idea of having the flowers/branches inside the cylinders mirrors my ideas of having glass containers on the food serving tables - candy, dessert, salad bar, spud bar...
The brightly wrapped cylinders are nice, too, really adding to the colorful & bright look of these centerpiece items.

Again, I apologize for using images that I didn't save the web addresses for.  I may have to take down these posts soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I dropped off the face of the earth on this blog, I realize, but I wanted to get some images of the 'look' I've spent a lot of time pondering for the wedding & reception.

First up, flowers!
Unfortunately I've lost the links to a lot of these images, so I hope no one gets offended by that.
 The first is probably more what I'm looking for.  I love these orange flowers and the longer stems in the center of the bouquet.  Not too sure about the 'folded' leaves at the bottom, but I like the rest!  Maybe a navy ribbon to wrap at the bottom?
I found this one awhile ago, and I like that it looks more like wild flowers, the variation in color, size, texture, and heights of the flowers.
 This third bouquet, again I like the wild flowers, though this bouquet is much to big for what I'm looking for... something more subtle and manageable.
 Similar to the first one, these bouquets are my favorite!  The orange ribbon is pretty here, too instead of the navy suggested for the first.
 Another similar bouquet.  Maybe too much height... I think I might end up dragging this one on the ground if I held it down like this, and it'd cover my face if I held it up!
 I like that the bridesmaids have solid orange and the bride has orange & white instead of having a larger version of the same.
 This was one of the first bouquets that I found and liked.  The more natural & wild look to the flowers are very appealing, as well as the shape of the bouquet and the visual weight where she holds the bouquet while the overall bouquet seems visually light.