Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candy / Dessert Tables

 Though it's somewhat difficult to see in the center picture above, I really like the candy table look, especially the casual look to the banner and the sentiment, "LOVE IS SWEET"
 This one is almost too 'streamlined', or everything looks a little too similar for my taste, I'd like varying heights, sizes, colors, textures, etc.  But I do like the jars & signs.
 The candy table at the bottom has more of the variation that I'd like to see.
 Chips & Dip bar is a cute idea, and I love the set up here making it easy to dish out as well as the added interest of other objects/decorations on the table as well.
 I want to jump through the screen and eat here. Love the dome in the background!
 I love the 'wild' look to this one, with the branches, flowers and edibles intermixed throughout the whole table.  I also like the idea to have the lime-water on the dessert table so someone could serve oneself instead of having to go up to the bar. 
 Love the branches, but they might overwhelm the table.
 I adore the look of this table with the focus above.  Though we could probably achieve this with branches also, it would be cool to do this with lanterns.. and what about oranges hanging from the ceiling?!
Smores table.  Love the setup!

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