Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Slacker

I know I've been a slacker on the blog, but I promise, we've been making progress.
Here's how the last month has happened:

May 14.
Ben decides to buy a new motorcycle.
After finding 'the perfect bike' about 1,000 times, he declares that this is an offer too good to pass up.
We figure out how to pay for the bike, and I spend the next week (an extremely busy one at work, mind you) helping him figure out how in the world he's going to get it home from New Carlisle, OH and still make it to our planned trip to Chicago.  So much unnecessary stress...

May 21.
Ben gets his new motorcycle, and all is right in his world.

May 21.
I drive up to Chicago to enjoy 'couple's weekend', though Ben doesn't manage to make it.  Funny how that worked.

May 24.
The beginning of another crazy-busy work-week.  (My first huge beginning-to-end design project.  A dental office!)

May 28.
The beginning of vacation!

May 29.
Fly to North Carolina for a week on the Outer Banks!

June 4.
Fly home

June 5-6.
Float Trip VI.  Intended to be a relaxing float down the Wisconsin River.  Storms led to slightly less relaxation.  Still fun.

June 7.
Return to work, expecting the worst.  Find worst, and work like crazy for the next week.

June 11.
Go to hear our favorite local band, Minus 6.  This makes us reconsider a lot of what we had been thinking for the wedding (more to come on that).

June 13-15.
In Chicago for NeoCon (world's largest interior design trade market).  So cool!  I think my favorite part was that from about 1pm - 6pm the whole place is a giant cocktail party!

June 16-now.
Making super progress on my work to do list, but still don't feel like returning home after work to wedding plan and blog.  We have actually made some decisions, and have some plans in the works.
We decided that we are going to have a local (Quad Cities) wedding.  I think we'll be able to make everything more personal and special by being able to have the wedding and reception in the places we love, and have the other details that have more significant meaning to us.  The major decision that we made was to have Minus 6 play at our reception, which led to more questions and a couple of decisions.

I'll post again with more of those details.
Just didn't want to leave everyone in the dark forever.  Sorry it's been so long, as is!